The World Polonia Games (Światowe Igrzyska Polonijne) is a sporting event held in various Polish cities for members of Polonia (Polish communities living outside of Poland). The first Games were held in 1934 and now take place every year, alternating between the winter and summer games.

The goal of this event is to integrate Polish people to strengthen their contact with Poland and to meet with other members of Polonia. The Games attract up to 1,500 participants representing 25 – 30 countries from around the world. Team Kanada has consistently placed in the Top 5 Overall amongst competing countries, comprising of athletes of all ages and abilities. There are many sports to choose from during both sets of Games, and participants are not limited to one sport. 

Team Kanada is looking for willing athletes to participate in the summer and winter games, especially Canadians with a Polish background. You do not need to speak Polish to join the team, and all ages and abilities are welcome! Contact us today to join TEAM KANADA!